For Buyers:

How do I join so I can place bids right away? Does it cost anything?

Registering at BabeBids.com is FREE. Click here to complete a short registration form...and then you may start bidding immediately!

Even though I don't live in the United States, can I bid on products?

Each seller/store has their own shipping policies. Please refer to individual listings or stores for shipping information.

If I place a bid and I make a mistake or I decide later that I don't want the product, can I cancel my bid?

No. All bids are non-cancelable once submitted. Please bid wisely. Sellers/Stores have the right to ban you from future auctions if you do not respond or pay within their specified time frame. After multiple bans you will be permanently banned from the entire site. 

How do I purchase using the Buy Out option?

To purchase using the Buy Out option, you can choose to buy the product immediately at the fixed, Buy Out price. All users who choose the Buy Out option become instant winners without waiting for the auction to close and outbid other users who are placing traditional bids. As long as there are quantities available in an auction, traditional bidding will continue. If all quantities in an auction are purchased using Buy Out, the auction closes.

Can I purchase items outright at BabeBids.com?

Yes - there are certain items that are offered for fixed price sale only. These items will be designated with an Add to Cart icon.

How can I pay for products at BabeBids.com?

Each seller/store offers their own payment methods. Please check each store or individual listing for accepted methods of payment.

I just won. How long until my merchandise arrives?

You will receive a confirmation email upon winning an auction or making a purchase. Once your order is processed and payment has been made for your purchase with the seller, the seller will send out your item. Because BabeBids.com sellers/stores ship direct, please refer to individual listings or stores for shipping information. Each seller/store has their own shipping policies.

How can I track my shipment?

You can track your package by clicking on the tracking number that appears on your Purchases page after a product is shipped (if the seller/store has provided one). 

What is your return policy?

Each seller/store sets their own return policies. Please check the individual listing in order to see if returns are accepted.

What is BabeBids.com's privacy policy?

Click here for more details on BabeBids.com's privacy policy.

Where do I go to change my address or password with BabeBids.com?

You can do all of this from the Members Area. Click here to log in.

For Seller/Stores:

Want to become a seller/store on BabeBids.com?

If you are a seller interested in obtaining additional information on how you can sell your products using the BabeBids.com platform, please visit our Sellers page.