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User Agreement Applicable to Members who List and Sell Items on 

Participation Acknowledges and Accepts of Terms And Conditions Of Use on
Upon registering as a buyer or a seller on the site,, you agree to the Terms And Conditions Of Use, which are found HERE.

By participating in the registration process to buy, list and sell auction items on, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions of use applicable to members who buy, list and sell items on reserves the right to change or add to these terms and conditions of use.

The Fees You Must Pay For Listing And Selling On
You must pay the fees described in the fee schedule located on the Sellers page. runs in Account Mode, meaning that you are not obligated to pay for your fees immediately and all fees owed will be added to your account balance. You account is allowed a maximum debit before being suspended. If you reach this maximum, your account will be suspended until your balance is paid. If you do not reach this maximum, you will be required to pay your balance at the end of the month regardless of the amount. You can easily view and pay for your account balance from the Summary page of the Members Area. 

These fees are payment for the right to list and sell on in accordance with these term and conditions. Payment of these fees does not grant any exclusive rights to any web page on may, in our sole discretion, and without your consent or payment to you, place third party advertisements on a web page within the web site.

Rules And Regulations
In order to participate as a listing and selling member on, you agree to the following rules and regulations. provides a website for you to offer and sell auction and store items, but you are responsible for your actions while using this website. If you violate these rules and regulations, your listing may be cancelled or edited at our discretion without notice. Multiple violations of these rules and regulations will result in a suspension or termination of your membership. reserves the right to cancel any listings that are deemed inappropriate by management. Circumstances may include, but are not limited to, possible fraud or deception, illegal merchandise, illegal information, unfair business tactics, or for any reason that we consider inappropriate.

What Kinds Of Items May Be Listed And Sold
All items must be of legitimate interest to collectors and have a reasonable intrinsic value.

Items are only eligible for sale if they're unique. Any items available at retail must be personalized (e.g. A DVD personalized with an autograph).

You must be the owner of the property that you are offering. All items must be legally owned by you and you should be able to provide proof if necessary. You may not list an item that belongs to someone other than you, unless you have been given permission by the owner of the property. and any of our affiliates are not to be held accountable should you offer an item that does not legally belong to you.

You must be legally able to sell any item you list for sale. You may only list items that comply with the law. Keep in mind that laws vary from state to state or geographical location. is not to be held responsible for the items being sold by users.

'Event' auctions, which involve meetings between buyer and seller, must be approved before being listed. Absolutely NO escort related activity is permitted!!!!!

All items listed for sale must comply with all applicable requirements of Title 18 U.S.C., Section 2257 and 28 C.F.R. 75.1, regarding maintenance of performer identification records.

You must not sell the following: child pornography, bestiality or firearms, explosives or fireworks, animals, human or body parts including body fluids or waste!!!!

How Items Must And Must Not Be Presented
You must fully and accurately describe your item and all terms of sale on the listing page of All listings must contain at least one picture of the listed item. You must list items in the appropriate categories.

Pictures of listed items must not be hardcore. Nudity may be covered. Sex acts may not be present in any images posted.

Any item that you list must be for real. Auctions listed with the intent to draw attention to another listing, a personal website or to entice the buyer into a direct sale are not allowed.

How Auction Listing And Sale Must And Must Not Be Conducted

You may not use this site for any fraudulent or illegal purpose.

You must not spam users of You must not compile a list of email addresses of users of this site for the purpose of solicitation. Spamming will result in the immediate termination of your membership. Legal action will be taken if necessary to prevent anyone from harassing our members.

You must not artificially inflate the price of your item by bidding on the item yourself or requesting friends to bid for you. This is known as shill bidding/bid padding and is, in some states, against the law.

You may not, acting alone or in coordination with anyone else, manipulate the price of any item, nor may you interfere with other listings or seller's listings or transactions.

You must not bash other members, either directly or indirectly, in your listings or elsewhere, in any method or manner.

How You Must Complete The Sale Of Your Auction Listing
If you receive at least one bid at or above your stated minimum price or reserve price, you are obligated as the seller to complete the transaction with the highest bidder upon the auction's completion, unless there is an exceptional circumstance.

You must conclude the sale with the highest bidder within a reasonable amount of time. All items sold via the system must be delivered in the condition as described and as pictured.

You must use the feedback system provided by You may not take any actions that are intended to or may tend to undermine the integrity of the feedback system. You must not leave non-transactional feedback and/or engage in any type of feedback "padding." The feedback system is provided as a courtesy to our users and is not to be abused.

You agree to hold, its owners, operators, and any of it's affiliates, harmless from all claims arising out of any dispute between a buyer, seller or any other user of this site. Our purpose is to serve as an agent to facilitate transactions between buyers and sellers. In no way may the owners of this site be held liable for improper use by users.

List And Sell Auction Items Candidates For provides an online auction and store marketplace for legitimate collectors of quality adult entertainment memorabilia. only permits individuals or companies who can demonstrate that they can make a legitimate contribution to the auction venue, to participate in listing and selling items on

Participation as a listing and selling member is a privilege, not a right. reserves the right to refuse or to terminate participation as a listing and selling member to anyone for any reason at any time as we deem necessary.

You must register using a valid email address.